One job offer in the bag so far…

My first full day in Rennes (Friday the 6th) and a woman approached us in the bank after hearing English speakers asking for a tutor for her two children! Wow, was not expecting that! 

We had an obligatory meeting that morning which went straight over my head; I understood a maximum of 5% of it. Oops. Luckily, with Liza, Ann-Sophie and now Bekah (who is from Cardiff so we had a good natter about Wales!) I had help understanding the jist of the meeting and all the forms. Yes, more forms. The French are obsessed with paperwork I think! We got a free bag and after were offered loads of food and drink, and it wasn’t half made sandwiches, custard creams and some squash like you would expect in Britain; we had a huge variety of food, so posh I couldn’t name it if I tried, along with fresh juice and some sort of bread cake thing that I wish I took a photo of because I have no idea what it was. Later, the five of us went out to Saint Anne to a pizzeria that night which was scrummy. The French sure know how to cook!

Today we visited Mont-Saint-Michel which was just gorgeous, I have included a photo of our little Erasmus crew there! 

The weather was beautiful and I ran into Chloe so had a chance to thank her for all of her help and translation the other day. My thanks were in English though unfortunately as I still don’t have the confidence to speak in French. But, tomorrow I am going to man up and attempt to have at least 50% of my speaking in French! So what if I get it wrong, I will learn something I’m sure.

I’m currently sitting in my room adding to the scrapbook that Liz and Emma got me as a leaving present. It’s coming along well, I picked up various leaflets today to glue into it. No plans for tomorrow so far, Monday through Friday will be more organising: my bank account, a phone sim, a library/campus/town tour and probably yet more French paperwork!

A bientôt!


One thought on “One job offer in the bag so far…

  1. Ma cherie, you have done really well to get so far in such a short time! It does sound quite frightening when you have so little French, much as I felt when I got to Bulgaria. I had no understanding of the Cyrillic alphabet as Alastair had the tutoring, and I had to try to read the labels on the food jars and packets to ask for stuff in the shops. No supermarkets either. At least you can go to the shops and shopping is automated, as long as you have your plastic! But I completely sympathise. Take photos of the bread/cake and I will try to identify. I think it might have been brioche.
    We have a complete bathroom now,except for painting of doors. It looks lovely!
    Alastair is off to the Maldives on Wednesday for two weeks, monsoon diving. He will be wet all day!
    Lots of love and bonne chance! Diane xxxx

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