I’m practically French

This week I took the metro home from a little bakery, baguette in hand. I now officially fit in here! It sounds like a very stereotypical concept, but wandering about with baguettes really is something I see on a daily basis now. p.s. It was probably one of the best baguettes ever. Now I mention it, many of the stereotypes we have aren’t far from the truth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the French wander about in stripy t-shirts with garlic and wine, and I have to admit of all the French people I have asked, none like/have tried frogs’ legs or snails! However, they don’t smoke just as must as we perceive them too, they smoke more. Like chimneys! Every place we go to there will be groups and groups of smokers around us. I actually think I’ve lost about 5 years of my life expectancy just from the passive smoking I’ve endured over the last 5 weeks. Oh and don’t even get me started on this idea of “the language of love” and the “romance” of it all… try to tell me that when you’re in a sweaty club with guy shouting in your ear cheesy phrases like “are all the British girls this beautiful?” and other phrases us Brits would never dream of using. No, just no. I do really love Rennes though, I feel very at home here (and not just because of the baguette!). IMG_1537

My mum, brother and I enjoying an evening of cheese, fresh bread and wine.

So, it’s been a while since I last updated my blog and that’s just because so much has been happening again. In particular, my mum and brother came to visit for a few days on my dad’s anniversary. It was lovely to see them and we went out for galettes (which my brother couldn’t remember the name of so referred to them as “gillettes: the best the French can get”). He ate his own, then polished off the rest of mine and my mum’s, and finally had a crêpe with icecream for dessert. I don’t know how he isn’t fat. We then ran into the girls and joined them for a drink in Sainte Anne. It was so much fun that we ended up out almost until the bar shut (despite my family’s travel tiredness setting in a good while earlier!) I also bought a Cosmopolitan magazine in French not long ago as I figured reading that will be far more interesting than my French books and, you never know, I may still learn some French! Today is Bekah’s birthday but as I left my camera at hers while she has a little nap to settle her very unhappy stomach (and liver) I’ll have to wait and dedicate a new post to that with some awful, awful pictures!


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