More Facts From Frogland

So, it has been quite a while since I posted; and a lot has happened!

Before the half term I was invited to a Raclette party, it was incredible! Raclette is a type of cheese that melts perfectly on the grills that are especially designed for it. They look like this:


It’s kind of like the opposite of fondue (revelation: fondue comes from the French word “fondre” meaning “to melt”), so instead of dipping food into the cheese you pour it over meats, potatoes etc. You can see in the photo a slice of raclette waiting on the top to go into the grill (and lots of empty plates!). If I take anything away from this year abroad it will be me buying one of those grills and taking that bad boy home!

The next week was half term and Bekah and I headed back to the UK for the week:


Matt picked me up from the airport and had his ears talked off in the car with stories of my gap yah. It was amazing to see everyone, and perfectly placed too being the week before my birthday. This meant my grandma, aunt and uncle could visit (along with various other people from the village) when we threw a little open house afternoon. I stayed in Warwick until the Thursday and then drove down to Swansea with my mum and grandma. We had an amazing lunch in Gower Kitchen:Image

After that I spent most of my time catching up with Chloe, Gareth and Rhys:


I miss that lot! And all of that was before attending my second 21st birthday party at Lizzie, Rosie and Kate’s:


I particularly enjoyed seeing Emma, my best friend, who trekked half way across the country that weekend!


Although, she did steal this picture as her profile picture before Liz or I got to it!

I was quite sad when it came to leaving the UK again but devouring four chocolate croissants as soon as I got back to Rennes made up for that! When we go home for Christmas we’re planning to take the ferry, it’s less expensive than flying and we can take more luggage but it takes a lot longer. To be honest I think I could have taken as much through the French “security” as I wanted, they really didn’t care too much at Rennes whereas in Southampton I set off the mental detector and had to wait to have my hand-luggage checked (only for them to put it through the machine a second time and decide not to).

Back in Rennes I celebrated my actual birthday. Obviously this called for yet another party in the third country I now call home! On my actual birthday we all skipped lectures and went for Swedish meatballs in IKEA for lunch, later we went to a pub quiz and came third. We actually drew with 2 other teams for third but the head-to-head question I had to answer was on the TV show ‘Friends’, so they really stood no chance! It was really fun, the bar served some amazing cocktails (even “screaming orgasm” Chloe!) and I also got a free birthday shot:


I was told the only rule was I had to drink it without using my hands… challenge accepted. I lent over the bar, picked up a straw (without my hand, of course) but then the barman told me that wasn’t allowed and I had to use the classier method of picking the glass up with my mouth and shaking the contents past the whipped cream. Easier said than done I must say and unfortunately I believe there’s now a rather unattractive video of me attempting this. I still stand by the fact I should have been allowed the straw; excellent problem solving skills is all I’m saying! So Wednesday, my 21st birthday was incredible and as it had been extended over a week in order for me to see all my loved ones, we though screw it, let’s go out Thursday too. I won’t post any pictures of that night however (Liza, you can breathe a sigh of relief!) as it is now referred to as “the night of ugly pictures”, and believe me, they’re ugly.

I think it’s safe to say this will be a birthday, and year, that I will never forget!


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